KRC Extreme

The KRC Extreme play set measures 44'W x 44'D x 16"H and weighs 5,641 lbs. It has 10' and 14' avalanche slides, as well as a turbo twister slide. The swing beams are a 4 position climber and a 3 position single high beam. Swings include a plastic glider, trapeze, 3 belt swings, a baby swing, a horse rider, a hammock swing, a 3 rope tire swing and 4 anchors. The climbers include a 5' rock wall with rope, a 7' rock wall with rope and cargo nets. The connectors include a 6'6" tower tunnel and a 12' bridge with rope.


The Three Towers

Tower 1 is two 5' x 5' decks at heights of 5' and 7'. The two roofs are 5' x 10' canvas with flags. Access is by flat step ladder with hand rail. Tower 2 is a 5' x 9' double with deck heights at 5'and 7', with a gable roof. Access is by flat step ladder with access railing.Tower 3 is a 5' x 9' double with jungle bar with deck heights at 5', 7' and 9', and two gable roofs. Access is by 12' ramp.

Fun Items

Fun items include a bubble panel, a tic-tac-toe panel, a ship's wheel, 2 binoculars, a fire pole, a steering wheel, a telescope, a periscope, a 5' x 5' club house and a 4' x 5' picnic table.


The recommended space needed is 50’D x 50’W with 200' of landscape timber as border material. The recommended amount of mulch is 9 tons of rubber mulch or 50 cubic yards of wood mulch.

Vinyl Play Set Color Options

Vinyl Play Set Color Options