Tiny Mansion

With sizes ranging from 12'x24' to 14'x44', this design pushes the limits of what some may consider a tiny house. The recessed side entry porch is a standard feature of the Tiny Mansion.

Available in a natural stained Fir, painted lap, painted Dura-temp siding or vinyl siding as shown.

A base model, 12'x34' in Fir starts at just $8,700.

Government Regulation

Regulation pertaining to the placement of any manufactured portable building is subject to local building code and zone enforcement laws. It is the consumer's responsibility to adhere to these laws. Stateline Builders is classified by the state of NC as a manufacturer of portable buildings and is not a licensed general contractor, nor a licensed modular home builder. All buildings built or sold by Statreline Builders are classified as accessory structures. The intended use of the structure may be limited by local zoning and/or state and federal regulation. It is strongly suggested that any persons seeking to convert an accessory structure into a dwelling, or for any other intended purpose, speak with their local building inspector as to what is permissible in their community, as well as to what federal regulations may apply.