Stateline buildings earn their reputation for superior strength and long lasting durability at the start of each building. Rugged, pressure treated 4x4's form the base followed by treated 2x4 floor joist placed 16" on center. A 2x4 pressure treated band is then added to surround the base and ensures maximum durability and resistance to rot and termite infestation. "Sturdi-Floor Plywood" caps off this process and completes a foundation far and above that of others.

The construction process continues as the building studs and trusses are all top-of-the-line "western spruce" to ensure beauty, quality and minimize any warping and twisting. The studs are top plated and connected to the roof truss via single plate rafter ties commonly called "hurricane ties". This is a superior method of connecting trusses to wall plates, stronger than wood-to-wood nailing and galvanized parts will not rust. Roof trusses are connected together utilizing steel truss plates to ensure the building will withstand high winds and all other forms of inclement weather.

Exterior siding for Stateline buildings come in various forms. Our traditional cedar siding continues to be a favorite among many of our customers. The newer Dura-Ply siding appeals to many who want the smooth finish look, which is receptive to most stains and paints available on the market today. Our cedar lap siding is unique and beautiful giving way to that ultimate yesteryear look. Maintenance free vinyl siding is available in many popular colors for that custom look to match your existing home. All sidings are top grade materials and installed by knowledgeable craftsman utilizing the very best in galvanized and plated fastening products.

All Stateline buildings are topped off with residential grade sheeting and covered with 20 year, heavy duty, asphalt shingles. These shingles are available in a choice of many colors to please and match existing structures. Stateline offers a cedar-tone stain to its customers ordering cedar siding at no charge. This stain will enhance the beauty of the building and also contribute to the longevity of the wood.

Stateline buildings are inspected many times during the building process to ensure that top-notch quality is maintained throughout the building process. Our Quality Control Program is a very critical, conscience, attention to detail process so that you can rest assured that your purchase will give you many years of enjoyment and service.