Horse Barns

Stateline Builders offers quality Amish built horse barns and who knows horses better than the Amish? Our horse barns and animal shelters are built with solid oak, post frame construction and sided in a durable rough cut pine board & batten siding. These barns are built specifically for equestrian use and feature items such as 1” thick oak kick boards, chew guards and grated windows.

We believe wood is the best material for horse barns and shelters, it works as a natural insulation making the inside cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We're a barn manufacturer that provides you with a custom horse barn that is:

  • Dry - has virtually no condensation
  • Quiet - isn't noisy during storms, won't scare your animal
  • Safe - less likely than metal to injure your horse when kicked
  • Durable - won't dent or puncture easily, our horse barns are delivered to you in one complete unit

Let Us Custom Build Your Horse Barn

We can build to order any combination of stalls and storage rooms you want to design. Whatever you need, you can have it - doors or windows in the front, back, or side, partitions or no partitions. At Stateline Builders, quality is supreme. We choose the products for their quality and durability. All materials are above grade building materials, ensuring the customer a long-lasting shelter.

Preparing for Your New Shelter

These are very heavy buildings and a solid foundation is required. Concrete footers are recommended. We do not do site work, excavation or foundations. Please have your site prepared and ready for our truck to unload and set up your new building. Anchors are recommended and can be installed by our set up crew. 30 inch and 48 inch earth augers are available but are not included in the cost of the building.