Victorian Play Houses

A gray and white 8x12 Victorian play house shown with optional lights and front porch.
All Victorian play houses come standard with 2 windows, shutters, flower boxes, dormer window, adult size door, dutch child’s door, and scalloped or straight trim. Options include vinyl siding, 12” higher side walls, loft, chimney, cedar shake roof, 3’ deck with vinyl rails, insulated walls, paneled interior, and laminate wood floor.

A 6x8 Victorian play house with cedar shake roof.
A 8x8 Victorian shown with optional chimney and front porch.
A 8x12 Victorian shown with optional front porch.
A 6x8 Victorian play house with optional vinyl siding and front porch.
Shown here is a base model 6x8 Victorian play house.
A 10x12 Victorian shown with optional 11 lite front door and carriage house lighting.
A 8x12 Victorian without Dormer.
Interior of Victorian play house showing optional, loft, paneled walls, and laminate floor.